The MAMALO family Everything you need to know about us

The MAMALO family

Lovers of travel and design. Because meeting new people, exchanging and sharing are our ideals, we decided to dedicate our lives and our careers to sharing our cocoons. Every property marks a stage of our life and we acquired each one with the intention of living there. We decorated each apartment with restored knick knacks we found here and there, we are passionate about old and contemporary design. We did it all, together with our daughter. These properties were decorated with warm sentiments to make our guests feel at home. It is our pleasure to be your guide before, during and after your stay. Anxiously, we await your arrival to personally welcome you. Immediately upon your arrival, we share: our favorite things to do, things not to do, our favourite restaurants for every occasion, prefered day cruises, and of course where to buy the best French pastries and fine wine. We attend to all your needs and wants during your stay with us.

The Mamalo Family - it is an art to receive.
Marion and Emmanuel

The MAMALO Collection

We have decorated each property within the collection so that it has its own personality, stylish, chic and bohemian.
These are all our homes and each tourist is our guest.
Not only is your feet in the water with the sea always in the background, we pay particular attention to our guests' expectations.
We offer a personalised hotel service.
Welcome home!

Let us personalise your stay!

The small extras are what makes everything great!

COCOON Collection

Interested in a massage or a body treatment at home ?
From 35 € - please ask for the ZEN menu

YUM Collection

Cheese tasting? A meal upon your arrival? Breakfasts? Or groceries delivered before you arrive?
From 20€ per pers